Wife of the Day (Zephyr Zuckerman #3)

Detective Zephyr Zuckerman is baa-aack! In this tale of real estate and sordid romance, Zephyr and her posse of native New Yorkers tangle with the city, marriage, and their thirties. As Zephyr contends with something less than newlywed bliss, her parents threaten to sell the family homestead on West 12th Street and her boss dangles the prospect of deportation to the Midwest. A beach read for the intelligentsia, Wife of the Day is a comic portrait of today’s Greenwich Village that investigates how much where we are is a part of who we are.


Praise for The Zephyr Zuckerman Series

One should not simply read Super in the City; one should gobble it up like candy. This is particularly intelligent candy, mind you — but don’t let that stop you from indulging in a big old sack of fun.
— Elizabeth Gilbert, New York Times Bestselling author, Eat, Pray, Love
Hotel No Tell is a whip-smart mystery with a wicked sense of humor. Zephyr Zuckerman is an undercover detective, an unflagging friend, a confused romantic, and the best tour guide to the city you could ever hope for. When it comes to writing that’s just fun to read, Uviller is one of New York’s finest.”
— David Guion and Michael Handelman, screenwriters, Dinner for Schmucks
Wife of the Day is a breakneck ride with the best guide: detective Zephyr Zuckerman. As Zephyr probes a series of intricate mysteries, she navigates a delightful, madcap Manhattan. I don’t know which was more fun: watching Zephyr the Detective employ her quirky powers of deduction to uncover one of the city’s strangest secrets, or watching Zephyr the Newlywed cope with the shocking realization that she’s married.
— Lorna Graham, author of The Ghost of Greenwich Village