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Coming January 2016: The third installment of the Zephyr Zuckerman stories!

Coming in December 2015: The third installment in the Zephyr Zuckerman Series!
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The site is about to be overhauled, but if you're looking for the author of the novels Hotel No Tell and Super in the City, and the co-editor of Only Child, you've come to the right place.

All of Daphne's books are available from any bookseller in paperback and e-book format.

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Publishers Weekly says, “This refreshing, smart caper novel will appeal to anyone who loves well-plotted mysteries and funny, off-the-wall characters.”

ALA's Booklist calls Hotel No Tell an "irrepressible sequel...Snappy crime fiction with a sensitive side and a loving look at the Big Apple.”

We so appreciate those rave reviews in which the reviewer enjoyed the book the way Daphne hoped it would be enjoyed!

Spanish version of Hotel No Tell is published by Editorial Planeta. (Foreign links on the left!)

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This isn't a photo of Daphne, but it is a guest post by her on the gnarly process of asking people to blurb your books.

What She's Written

"Smart, sassy detective...in a feisty romp of a novel.” —Janice Y.K. Lee, bestselling author of The Piano Teacher
"One should not simply read Super in the City; one should gobble it up like candy, intelligent candy." —Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love
"Honest, insightful, entertaining..." Time Out New York
Washington Post, New York Times, Newsday, Time Out, New York, The Forward, Oxygen, Self, Allure